The Top Elements That Are Essential to a Good Website Design

There are many different ways to build a website, but a good website should have a common list of elements. Here are five essentials that you should have on your website:

Easy Navigation

Few things turn off visitors to your website more than difficult or complex navigation. Keep navigation menus to a minimum to keep your site from being overwhelming. Having too many nav bars also makes it tough for visitors to find the information they are looking for on your site. The easier it is for people to find what they need, the longer they are likely to stay on your website.

Plenty of Space

If you take a look at sites that were built a decade ago, you can see that the sites of today have a much different approach to space. Websites of the past often were crammed full of information and images, with little regard to leaving space open. Today’s sites more often include vast spaces, including more spacing between lines of text. Space is not necessarily white space; it refers to a lack of elements in a page and could be background color or texture.

About and Contact Pages

There are two pages that every website should have: an About Us page and a Contact Us page. The About Us page will tell users who and what your business is. Even major companies that are well-known by everyone still do this. You can also use this page to put your customer testimonials and success stories. Try to keep the information here succinct; avoid rambling. Provide just enough information to keep readers interested—not bored. A Contact Us page is essential if you want visitors to be able to easily reach out and contact you. You can include a phone number, physical address, or form; this adds a certain legitimacy to your site. It also makes it easy for visitors to find you. Keep the design simple.

Call to Action

For most businesses, the purpose of a website is to make a sale, provide information, or get a visitor’s contact information. To ensure any of these actions, you need to have obvious and strong calls to action. You can also have your call to action be a signup form. To make this effective, place the form in a prominent location. Often you’ll include some kind of freebie for people to download once they fill out the form, such as an ebook.

A Search Function

This is something many websites do not have because their owners simply overlooked it. And it can be frustrating for visitors to be unable to find what they are looking for—especially if they are looking for something that was posted several months ago on your blog, for example. Having a search function is a real bonus for visitors. Make sure it’s easy to find, but you don’t need to make it too prominent.

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