Solutions for Business Advisors & Consultants

Deliver tangible, high-value websites, digital marketing, and process management solutions to your clients. Highly configurable solutions for any type of business. Websites, CRMs, marketing and process management solutions- all with a single login.

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Deliver Quality, Tangible Businesss Solutions to Your Clients

We work with business advisors and consultants to help their clients digitize their processes and marketing efforts. We can work directly with you and your clients (if you choose) to create a solution that will help them scale their businesses. From old-school brick-and-mortar businesses to start-ups, we can help. 

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We Design Custom Websites to Spec for Your Clients Then You Manage The Solution as A White-Labeled Product or Have Your Clients Do It Themselves

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White Label Option

White label your intranet for all your clients. They see your brand. Make our powerful software the backbone of your consulting practice.

Manage All Business Sites from a Single Intranet

All your clients can easily be managed from your custom business intranet. Sites, CRM, Social Media, Email Marketing Etc.

Templated Emails, Text Emails and SMS Marketing

All your marketing tools in one location- outbound as well as Social Media and More from a single login

Create Users with Multiple Roles

Infinitely configurable access and toll configurations. Set up users by different roles and allow them access to only certain portions of your Omnia implementation.

Robust and Flexible CRM

Use groups and statuses to manage clients, prospects and other audiences with your CRM. Onboarding dashboards are fully configured but can be easily adapted to your own process flows.

Set Your Own Pricing for Add-ons

Everything you see here can be marked up and resold to your clients. Capture payments via including recurring payments- in-app.

Manage Your Prospects & Clients with Ease

Totally configurable CRM for you and your clients. Keep everything organized within your CRM to create targeted marketing campaigns.

Reporting Tools to Stay Organized

View your clients and prospects visually to see where customers are within the onboarding process.

Segment Groups and Statuses

Multiple levels of CRM groups and statuses to target individuals with very specific attributes.

Robust Property Management Tools

Add our property management tools to create listings with ease.

eCommerce with Stripe Processing

Sell your products online and easily take payments using Stripe.

Pastel Integration for Edit Requests

Add Pastel to allow clients to easily request site edits and updates visually.

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