Solutions for Manufacturers & Distributors

Digitize your processes, communication, and relationships with your clients by adding intranets, online catalogues, eCommerce solutions, discounts based on client or volumes, recurring orders, shipping, taxes and sales. One login via Amazon Web Services.

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A Comprehensive Solution for B2B Manufacturers & Distributors

Omnia Business Systems delivers customized solutions designed for the scaling of manufacturers and distributors. You have different tiers of B2B clients, a list of products, and pricing structures based on volume or other criteriums. We can help you be far more efficient with these situations and digitize the process to your exact specifications.

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Intranets, eCatalogs & eCommerce

We design custom solutions to better engage your constituents. Digitize ordering, displaying products, catalogs, custom pricing tiers, reorders, and more.

Quickbooks & NetSuite Integration

Push new clients, orders, and invoices directly to accounting while tracking inventory seamlessly. Don't use either of these we can integrate with any modern API.

Segmented CRM Data Allows for Specific Targeting

Add special offers and promotions to your products to generate a boost in sales volume. Distribute to specific groups within the CRM via Email, SMS, and Social Media.

Calculate Taxes & Shipping Automatically

Want to go full-blown eCommerce? We integrate the latest technologies to include taxes and shipping. TaxJar, ShipStation and other popular solutions are seamleess.

Manage Your Audiences, External or Internal

Our integrated CRM solution is customized for you. From prospects and clients to applicants and employees, you can communicate effectively and employ process flows for each.

Google Analytics & Data Studio Integration

Get precise reporting across all marketing channels using our Google Data Studio and Analytics integrations. Every channel in precise views. No more logging into all your channel portals.

Marketing Attribution & Campaign Reports

Using our custom marketing dashboards and UTM code builder we deliver exact attribution from click to sale or call to sale. Then see the cost  of each channel and resultant revenue in the CRM.

Demographics and Visitor Data

Get important information on who your visitors are, where they live, their age, and gender.

Email & SMS Reports

Gain immediate insights for individual campaigns such as opens, clicks, conversions, bounces, and unsubscribes. 

Create Process Flows & Tasks

Customized workflows to suit your needs so you know exactly where all your projects stand.

Customized Solutions for You!

We're here for you! Our team of experts will guide you through the entire process of getting set up on our software so you can focus more on growing your business.  Learn how we can help you today!

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