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A white-label solution for managing hundreds of client websites, marketing efforts, process flows, onboarding and marketing attribution. All with a single login.

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Scrambling for login information every time a client needs help? Not anymore with the Omnia Business System. Query the company name and you are in there, seeing what they are seeing, managing their site, their marketing, and utilizing tools that are designed for you and your team to do it all very efficiently.

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Design Incredible Sites With Ease

From the beginner to the coding expert - we have the tools to allow you to design beautiful websites whether you have years of experience, or are just getting started. Or just let us do it for you and you  can take it from there.

Beautiful Templates with Unlimited Possibilities

Choose from an assortment of preset site templates to get started easily, or duplicate an existing site!

Custom Designs from a Dedicated Designer

Don't want to build sites? Let our experts help you create a custom design. Want to mimic something? Show it to us- done!

Drag & Drop Content Blocks & Snips

Our CMS will blow your mind- Guaranteed. There are hundreds that require zero coding. Want to create your own. Do it! Save it to a global library.

Theme Your Entire Site with 1 Click

With the Omnia Theminator, change everything in an instant. Fonts, styles & sizes H1s, global color palettes, leading & more.

Got Skills? Full Code Access

You can see, add, manipulate and save all your of our snips & code. CSS, HTML5, Bootstrap4, JavaScript Etc. Build something cool- save it and drag and drop it on the next site.

Create Custom Forms & Surveys

Data gathering is a breeze with Omnia, zero coding. Create custom forms and the route then to the appropriate people & add them to a CRM audience/list automatically

Onboard and Manage All Clients from a Single Intranet

One login gives you access to all of your clients, along with all the tools needed to help you efficiently manage all your projects from beginning to end.

White Label Options for Agencies

Make Omnia your own. We will white label the intranet for your logo and colors. You and your customers will experience the Omnia solution as your brand.

Client Onboarding Tools

There is a set process for launching a new client's site or their marketing campaigns & SEO. Know exactly where each client is at in the process, from anywhere.

Create Users with Multiple Roles

Configure access for users however you want. The whole intranet menu can be segmented to your desire, whether for your employees or your clients. Complete control. 

Project Management Dashboards

Create tasks for specific roles to keep your workflows moving forward smoothly.

Pastel Integration for Edit Requests

Add Pastel to allow clients to easily request site edits and updates visually.

Set Your Own Pricing for Add-ons

Everything you see here can be marked up and resold to your clients!

Powerful Marketing Tools

Emails, texts, social marketing, adwords - Do it all from the Omnia dashboard and track campaign effectiveness to see what is and isn't working.

Templated Email Builder

Create email campaigns with our simple drag and drop email builder.

Automated Ratings & Reviews

Blast out rating and review requests from a single interface to improve your rep.

Robust Email Marketing Tools

Create multiple groups and statuses to target your marketing campaigns.

Automated Drip Marketing

Setup multiple campaigns that will auto-send periodically to specific groups.

SMS Text Message Marketing

Use text messaging as well, with all the functionality of our email tools.

Blogs with Social Synching

Cross post your blogs to social media pages automatically.

Track & View Marketing Campaigns

See how people are responding to and interacting with your campaigns.

Social & Google Marketing Campaigns

Advertise on popular social platforms to get an instant boost to site traffic.

Attribution & Reporting at Your Fingertips

Monitor traffic to your site alongside marketing efforts to optimize campaigns and site content. Then refine your methods to increase user engagement.

Comprehensive Website Analytics

Track your site and social campaigns to see the effectiveness of your efforts.

Google Analytics Integration

Easily tie in Google Analytics for extensive demographic tracking and site traffic.

Reporting Tools to Stay Organized

See the status of all your prospects and clients at a glance to make informed decisions.

Track & View Marketing Campaigns

See how people are responding to and interacting with your email and text campaigns.

Scale Your Agency!

We're here for you! Our team of experts will guide you through the entire process of getting set up on our software so you can focus more on growing your business.  Learn how we can help you today!

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