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October 13, 2021

Marketing and advertising are quickly adaptable entities that not only help to promote your business but also educate individuals about the products, goods, or services you offer. Never has the flexibility in advertising been as apparent as it has over this year (2020). Amid a global pandemic, not only have individuals’ lives been greatly impacted across the world, but here in the United States, things continue to evolve. It didn’t take long for those responsible for advertising and marketing to target these changes and touch on what has quickly become more commonplace across the country. Print, television, media, and online advertising now - to some degree - all feature individuals wearing masks, missing big events, or relate in some way to the coronavirus pandemic. The changes, made in the interest of safety, are now showing up as companies continue to hope consumers will be spending with them in the future. 

Digital marketing is no different but its reach may even be more prevalent now more than ever. As individuals committed to completing a variety of tasks online, the new way people are interacting and finding services or other needs is online. E-commerce growth trends continually point toward the sustainability of these measures and ensuring that your website and online content is not only relevant but able to generate future business is critical. Having information and measurable analytics to monitor the growth and new customer acquisition for your company is now extremely important. Before companies could rely on word-of-mouth advertising and ads placed in various locations but with consumers opting to stay home and shop, making your services available needs to take priority.

In addition, opting to utilize a third-party source for this content and management has multiple benefits. Not only can you avoid having to hire new staff, but you get a focused group working precisely on the content you need to aid in your business growth. These measures also free up time for you to focus on running the business and daily operations - a heightened sense of awareness during these times. Working together, no matter the focus of your business, creating content and incorporating a digital marketing plan of action will boost your returns. 

Arts, Travel, and Entertainment

One of the hardest-hit industries from the pandemic due to associated events involving numerous people being canceled, online performances quickly became an alternative. While they may not be a long-term solution for the arts and entertainment industry, there are options available and a strong digital marketing campaign can assist in helping to promote your cause. Travel has also been limited, but putting out information on measures to safely resume travel, coupled with pandemic-related destinations and alternatives could also benefit your company.

Contractors and Home Services

While these services have largely remained intact during the pandemic, due to individuals spending more time at home, how business is performed has undoubtedly changed. Regardless, creating new content and keeping consumers engaged remains a critical aspect of the business. One specific change to this industry revolves around advertising. In the past, individuals would simply spread the word of a job well done with others who may notice when visiting or by asking friends and colleagues for a reputable business. Now, online reviews are taking the place of these vanishing interactions but another measure of a successful digital marketing plan.

E-Commerce and Data-Driven

On the cusp of online marketing, advertising, and data-driven content, these companies tend to set the stage for others to follow suit. However, it takes a bold concept to stand apart from similar organizations, and hiring a third-party group to handle your platform and help push your business to success may be just what is needed. Not only will you be able to disperse information about your services but tracking the impacts of what works and what needs to be addressed can also help boost business with a reflective approach to marketing.

Professional Services

Many professional services have altered their business practices in the office, but online customer acquisition and service descriptions are likely seeing an uptick in traffic. Likewise, many consumers are not going to risk venturing out and visiting different places when searching for the service in this field. Instead, a simple internet search for the needed action will be completed and a review conducted of their online material, website, business offerings, etc. For this reason, and multiple others, having a digital marketing footprint that helps to drive your business is imperative. 

Real Estate and Property Management

Businesses associated with real estate and property management have also been impacted by the pandemic. Before, those looking for related searches could often find realtor ads or property magazines at restaurants, shops, and multiple other places they would commonly visit. However, similar to the professional service industry, many of these former and future clients are now utilizing the internet to locate help. While the trend of searching online for individual needs and products has been growing, the new global environment has accelerated its pace.

Retail, Restaurants, and Bars

Another industry greatly impacted by the coronavirus, these businesses can no longer rely on patrons spreading positive words about their experiences with other people. Before, having an online presence wasn’t considered essential for a restaurant or bar, simply because food, drinks, and the environment were selling points that couldn’t be interacted with on a screen. However, a positive digital marketing campaign can help to highlight other critical areas, in addition to sharing reviews and positive experiences from others. Not only will this help to spread the word about those businesses fighting for survival, but it could also inform potential customers of new options for service, hours, or other critical information.

Regardless of which category your business falls under, help move it forward by increasing interactions with customers and building content to drive newcomers toward your site and services. The experts at are here and ready to assist you today! Their knowledgeable staff and highly trained associates will have your small business reaching multiple new clients while assisting with creative and target-specific content on a consistent and regular basis.

They can help with websites from a variety of different industries on numerous platforms and provide the necessary services to ensure you will be pleased with all of the product outcomes and results. Not only will qualified reviews help to formulate a new fanbase but fresh marketing campaigns can also help to take your business to the next level by generating increased exposure for your products and services while grabbing more customers and clients. Start enjoying the benefits of a successful digital marketing campaign in Denver while helping your business by giving them a call at 303-498-9000 to request a demonstration or schedule a consultation today!


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