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A Comprehensive Solution for B2B Manufacturers and Distributors

Identify and Segment Your Audiences, Provide Intranet Solutions for Your Clients' Various Pricing Models and Allow Constituents to Create Lists or Provide Full eCommerce Solutions

Omnia Business Systems delivers customized solutions designed for maximizing the success of Manufacturers and Distributors. It's all about segmentation. You have different tiers of B2B clients, a list of products, and pricing structures based on volume or other criteriums. We can help you be far more efficient with these situations and digitize the process to you exact specifications.

Think: Local, Local, Local

Manage your location pages, promotions, recruiting, marketing and SEO at the local level, corporate level or combinations thereof.

Segment Social Media Marketing

Social media is far more engaging and effective when executed locally - easily manage dozens of locale's social media.

Easy To Learn & Use

Empower local managers and franchisees with the tools they need to promote themselves and recruit with ease.

Inquiries, Issues & Applicants

Drive data to where it's needed most - the local leaders. Forms and CRM are configured to deliver data to the right people at the right time.

Enterprise Level Management

Manage the solution across all locations. No more issues with orphaned social media pages, email campaigns.

Measure Effectiveness

Identify poorly performing locations in an instant and remedy with review requests, promotions, SEO, and marketing solutions specific to each locale.

Proprietary Tools to Streamline the Management of all Your Locations

Manage Centrally, at Location Level, or Both
Add New Locations In Minutes
State-of-The-Art Cloud Solution via Amazon Web Services
Library for Brand Control & Approved Marketing Assets
Segmented Access at Local Level
Event Management & Promotion
Localized Blogs & Promotions Drive SEO
Location-Based Job Boards & Applicant Tracking
CRM, Social Media, & Ratings Segmentation
Automated Ratings & Review Requests
Easy, Drag & Drop Email Marketing 
Drag & Drop Page Editing
Aggregated Site & Social Media Analytics
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