The Best Ways to Build Your Customer Relationships

The customer is always right. You’ve probably been told this time and time again throughout the jobs you have worked. The reason people say this is because it’s true! A happy customer is far better than keeping face and risking a bad review. While your company might lose money in that moment by giving away free or discounted services, in the long run that customer will remember you being polite and accommodating to them. Helping that one customer may get you 5 more referrals. You never know who might talk up your business due to a good visit! We know how important it is to build up a loyal customer base, so let’s take a look at the top 5 things you as a business owner can do to build up your returning customer base!


Emails and newsletter are a great way to stay in your customers minds and keep them up to date with everything going on with your business. Every newsletter you release has the potential to connect with a future customer. Cater your emails to your customers so they remain intrigued with your business. Rather than only sending out emails about new products or promotions, send emails out about a new hire, new location opening up, valuable information about a product of interest, or send out special offers to your customers for the products they have been eyeing. Staying relatable to your customers is an important part of gaining returning customers.

At Your Service

Having a superb customer service system set up is another important aspect to have for your business. Everyone has had their turn dealing with a crappy customer service experience. The likelihood of a customer returning to a business for their services after having a terrible time with their customer service team is slim to none. Give each customer the attention they deserve. Timely responses and open communication are a great place to start. Having a seamless return policy can make or break your relationships with customers. Listen to your customer, empathize, remain positive, and resolve the issue as quickly and painlessly as you can.


Hearing direct feedback from your customers is important to keep your business moving forward and to keep your customers happy. Giving many easily accessible options to leave feedback will help you on this endeavor. Create a feedback box on your website, in your emails, or encourage customers to call and speak directly with your team about what they loved about your business or what might need improvement.


Just like gaining loyalty and trust with anyone, consistency is crucial. Make sure you are sending out your newsletters at the same time each month and are always responding to customers in a timely manner. Be open and honest with your customers if something went wrong with their order or if something will take longer to be completed than expected. While your customers might be the happiest knowing they will have to wait a little longer for your services, they will appreciate your genuity and honesty.

Now that you know how to keep your customers coming back, don’t forget to reward their loyalty! Contact Omnia Marketing today to learn more about other ways to improve your customer relationships and grow your business!
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