How To Use Google Ads To Better Your Business

Let’s talk about Google Ads. Although you have to invest some money into Google Ads, they can be very beneficial for your business and worth the money. If you have been debating whether or not Google Ads are worth your hard earned money, keep reading! Omnia Marketing can break down the pros and cons of Google Ads and can help you determine if they are the right marketing strategy for your business.

Worldwide Coverage

Google’s search engines handle 5 billion searches per day. Nowadays if someone wants an answer to a question they “google” it. This means that your ad has the potential to reach a large amount of potential customers. If you can answer a person’s question through your ad at the top of the page, it is likely that they will choose your website to click on and look for more information. If you had one answer for them you will probably have more answers to questions they will have, making you appear more knowledgeable, consistent, and trustworthy!


Direct Intent To Your Site

Google Ads can direct customer intent straight to your site because the customer is coming to the search engine ready for answers or ready to buy. A Google Ad allows your website to appear at the top of the search engine results page and direct customers to you! A potential customer on social media is not looking to buy anything but rather may be wanting to escape away from marketing schemes and dive into the realm of funny home videos. If you are paying for ads on apps such as Instagram, you may have more people keep scrolling past your ad. With Google Ads, those ready to purchase are ready to be advertised to!


You Are In Control

Another great aspect of Google Ads is that you are in complete control of your advertisement campaigns. You can control your own budget, start and stop your campaigns at any time, and still reach an immense amount of people no matter what your marketing budget is. Omnia Marketing will work with your budget and be with you on your marketing journey every step of the way!


A Great Place To Start

Long-tail keyword search terms are a great place to start for your Google Ad campaign. Rather than bidding on short keyword searches for your ad to appear with such as “tree removal,” you can bid on a long-tail keyword search term such as “tree stump removal in the Denver area.” Investing in more specific keyword searches will capture the attention of people looking for exactly what you offer. Long-tail keyword search terms are also generally less expensive than short keyword search terms!

We want your business’ website to reach the largest number of customers possible! We can work with any budget that you have available for marketing your business. Contact Omnia Marketing today to discuss what types of marketing strategies are best for your business!

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