How To Design Your Business Logo

If you are considering starting your own business or brand this year, you are going to need a business logo. There are many options for both designing and marketing your brand logo. Omnia Marketing is here to walk you through creating the perfect logo for your business!


Background Story

Before you start thinking about how you want your business logo to look, you first need to consider what your company’s story is. What do you want your logo to portray about your company? If you specialize in a specific trade, your logo should reflect that. 


Word Web

The next step to making a logo for your business is to brainstorm words that are associated with your business. Look at synonyms for the initial words you come up with and don’t be afraid to pull out that dictionary, thesaurus, or utilize a website to see all of your options! You will then want to narrow down your list to your top five to ten favorite words to describe your business. 


Sketching The Basics

Once you have a list of some good words to describe your business, it’s time to move on to sketching out some ideas! Create some sketches based on the words you have chosen. Keep any shapes or graphics you want to use in your business logo simple. You want your logo to be easily legible on numerous forms of media.



The layout of your business logo is just as important as the logo itself. When designing your logo you will want to make sure that all of the text, shapes, and graphics that you use for your logo are spaced out evenly, lines or borders are symmetrical, the logo is aligned with its surroundings, and matches the theme of your website and brand. 


Pick A Color

Picking a color for your logo may seem like the easiest part, but a few things need to be considered before you set in stone what color you’d liked to use for your brand’s logo. The main thing you need to consider is how your brand’s logo is going to look against a mutlitude of different backgrounds. It is a good idea to have two different go-to logo colors for your business. One logo color will be used to go against light backgrounds and the other will be used to go against dark backgrounds. This way you can make sure that your brand logo is going to look nice no matter how you decide to market your company!


Pick A Font

Picking a font for your logo is an important part in creating your business logo. You will want to choose a font that can stand on its own if your logo is separated from the shapes, symbols, or graphics you may have included. A good tip for picking a logo font is to steer clear of generic fonts such as Times New Roman. Utilizing a font that is a bit more fun and flamboyant will make your company memorable to consumers!

Are you ready to create your new business logo? These tips and tricks can help you get started on brainstorming ideas for your business. Making sure that your logo is compatible with a multitude of platforms is important in today’s business world. Omnia Marketing can help make sure that your business logo is effective, recognizable, and representative of your company. Contact Omnia Marketing today to talk to our experts about what your business could look like in 2022!

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