How To Build Organic Growth For Your New Website

Every business owner wants to expand their business and earn new, loyal customers. One of the best ways to do this is through organic marketing strategies. Through emails, reward systems, blogs, and social media, you can attract the exact customers who are looking for you! Let’s take a closer look at why your company should be utilizing organic marketing tactics to grow your business.

What Is Organic Growth?

So what exactly is organic growth within marketing? Organic growth is when your business finds new customers and sales through existing customers and information. This type of marketing is free to you and utilizes content you have already created. A previously satisfied customer could refer a friend to your business or share the original content you created on their social media or to someone else. Other forms of organic marketing include sending targeted promotional emails and campaigns to previous customers, enacting a rewards system, creating useful and authentic content, and posting informative and attractive infographics to your business’ social media sites. All of these forms of attracting customers are free to you and will help you to build reliability and loyal customers. This marketing technique will not work overnight. However, it will be worth it to gain loyal and returning customers for your business. Guaranteed sales are vital to keep your business thriving!

Inorganic Growth

So what does inorganic growth within marketing look like? Inorganic marketing is the type of marketing strategy that everyone has seen and is most familiar with. Inorganic business growth comes from paid advertisements, banners, billboards, commercials, sponsored posts, and mass emails. This marketing strategy usually micro-targets a demographic and does not work well to best direct the audience that needs your services to you. Inorganic marketing tactics can gain you increased traffic to your website quickly and can reach a large audience of people. However, since the audience seeing these advertisements are not tailored to what your business offers, the likelihood that those interacting with your advertisement will make a purchase or return to your website is small.


Organic marketing and business growth will take a bit of technique. It is important to be strategic with your posts. The content of your post, where you post it, and when you post it will determine the success rate of your organic marketing strategy. Don’t worry, you don’t have to do this alone! Omnia Business Systems will work with you every step of the way. You can be as involved with your marketing, content creation, and website design as you want to be. Rest assured, Omnia Business Systems has got your back and has your company’s best interest in mind! Our goal is to make sure your business continues to expand to its largest potential and that you are satisfied with the success of your business.

Establishing Trust

Potential customers are naturally going to trust your authentic content and organic marketing strategies over paid advertisements they see on their social media timelines. Even if your content reaches fewer people than a paid advertisement would, organic marketing tends to be the more effective marketing strategy for your business over time. Over time and through consistency you will establish trust, reliability, and will naturally attract potential customers who are ready to buy. The longer you commit to organic growth of your client base, the higher likelihood your content will reach the right people! 

Word-Of-Mouth Referrals

Word-of-mouth referrals are the most effective way for you to organically increase traffic to your business’ website. This is a timeless marketing strategy that businesses have relied on for years. Which would you trust more? An advertisement or marketing campaign you stumbled upon online, or the recommendation of a friend? It comes as no surprise that if people are recommended a business by a trusted friend, family member, or colleague, they are far more likely to take that recommendation seriously and reach out to your business for more information.

Online Marketing

If you are a business owner in today’s day and age, you know that you need more than word-of-mouth referrals in order to compete with the ever growing amounts of competition you face. Nearly half of the world’s population has access to the internet or uses a smartphone. Now more than ever people are turning to search engines and online reviews to make their decisions on which brands and companies to trust. Your company has the expertise and reliability that customers crave so make sure you are visible and accessible on the forums they are using!

If your business isn’t taking full advantage of organic marketing and client growth in the 21st century you need to start now! This is especially important if you are a newer business. Organically growing your client base is free to you and will be the most effective and beneficial for your business. Having the content you have worked hard to make reach the right people is crucial to stay ahead of the competition and guarantee that your business will stick around for years to come. Omnia Business Systems know everything you need to have your business succeed. Contact Omnia Business Systems today to kick-start organically growing your client base!
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