How To Increase Your Website Ranking

Have you been wondering how to get your business’ website to rank higher on search engines? It can be frustrating to have a top notch business but not have your website show up at the top of a search engine results page when keywords pertaining to your business are searched for. There are many other similar businesses to yours but they just aren’t you! Here are some ways that you can help your website rise to the top!

Improve Your Loading Speed

One way to get your website a higher ranking on search engines is by making sure your website pages load within the first few seconds of visiting the page. The amount of potential customers abandoning your page because of slow loading times increasing the longer it takes for your website to load. Your web page should load fully within 3 seconds of someone clicking on the link to your page. If it takes 4 seconds or more for your page to load, nearly half of potential customers will abandon your site and look for a different site that loads faster. On the other hand, if your website consistently loads quickly, people will keep coming back. Search engine algorithms will notice the popularity of your site and bump up your website ranking! In the days of high speed internet, your website should be just as fast as anyone else’s!

Publish Relevant Content

Another great way to boost your website’s ranking on search engines is to make sure you are publishing content that is relevant to your business. You are the expert in your field and this needs to be shown! Don’t be afraid to be authoritative with the content you put out about your business. Consumers want to know that you know what you are talking about and that they can trust you. It is also important to make sure you are creating new content on your site regularly to ensure you stay relevant in search engines and so your potential customers know you are active within your business!


Utilizing keywords and phrases to get people seeking your services to your page is very useful. One tip you can follow in this regard is to keep your keywords and phrases consistent. It is more difficult to get your website ranking up if you are spreading out your efforts between numerous different keywords and phrases in search engines. Instead, pick one main keyword or related phrases for each of your web pages. Make sure that you use the keyword you have chosen numerous times in your content throughout your webpage to increase traffic to your page for that specific service. 

The more page visits you get the higher up search engines will rank your website! Making sure your website is easily accessible and readable on all types of platforms is also important. Don’t wait to better your business! Contact Omnia Marketing today to have our experts help you get your business’ website to the top of the page!
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