Here’s Why Your Website Isn’t #1

So you just made a website for your business. You notice your business’ website is pretty far back in the search engine result pages. Why is your website not higher up in search engines? Let’s take a look at some things your website might be lacking.

Loading Time

The first thing that might be going wrong for your website is its loading time. With high speed internet and so much content available, people’s attention span nowadays has the tendency to be pretty short. Many potential customers will leave your sight if it does not load fast enough. Google and other search engines will notice this and will knock your website down in ranking. When other sites are loading faster than yours, potential customers are going to likely choose their site and company to continue searching for information and the products and services they desire. When your competitor’s site is getting more interaction, search engines will move their website up in ranking, leaving you to fall behind. Omnia Marketing can work with you directly to increase your website’s loading speed!

A Lack Of Trust

Another reason your website may not be getting the attention it deserves is due to a lack of trust emanating from your website. This can be from a multitude of reasons. One of the reasons your blog may be putting off potential customers is that there are too many advertisements. When you go to a site searching for information, you do not want to be bombarded with sales pitches right off the bat. Keep the pop-up ads to a minimum or have none at all. Another feature of your website to look at is the content you are putting up on your page. Are your blogs and webpage content providing useful information or simply telling people to buy your product? Your customers are looking for honest advice in order to find the best solution for them, and that’s exactly what you should give them!

Utilizing Keywords

One more reason you business is not #1 might be because you are not utilizing keywords correctly. If search engines do not know exactly what services your business provides, it is hard to promote you. Using too long of keyword phrases can be detrimental to your ranking because many people are not going to type full length sentences or questions when they are searching for something. Rather, they will type in the main words of what they are looking for. It is important to pick short and simple keywords to incorporate into the content of your page so that search engines can pull those same keywords from multiple pages of your site and make you more visible!

Infrequent Publishing

Your business’ website might be getting buried in the pages because you are not creating fresh content. If you haven’t updated your website in years, this can be a huge reason why you are not ranking well on search engines. Search engines will bump up sites that create new content frequently. Not only this, but potential customers visiting your site will also be able to see that you are an active business that knows what they are talking about!

We know you want to see your business at #1 and we’ll help get you there! Omnia Marketing can work with you to improve your website design, SEO, and marketing strategies. Contact Omnia Marketing today to get in touch with our experts so we can get started on moving your business up the ranks!
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