Choosing the Best Website Platform for Your Business’s Website Design

August 05, 2021

 If you have a new business, one of the first steps in getting it up and running will likely be creating a website. In order to dow this, you’ll need to decide on a website platform. A website platform is just what it sounds like—the foundation upon which your website is built. Most experts will encourage you to select a website builder that also has a content management system (CMS) that will enable you to easily make changes to your site. This provides a convenient way to stay in control of your ebsite—without having to learn code. 

Here are the five most popular website platforms today:

  • WordPress

  • Drupal

  • Magento

  • Joomla

  • Weebly

Let's take a look at each one.


Likely the most popular website platform in the world, WordPress powers about 40 percent of all websites. And it’s no wonder given its user-friendly interface and numerous plugins—some 55,000 plus—to help improve the functionality of your website. Some of the most-used plugins include Yoast, which helps boost search engine optimization, and Jet Pack, which offers some protection against hackers.

With WordPress, you don’t have to know a thing about website development or coding to have an attractive, functional website. It’s easy to add pages and images, upload blog posts—and anything else you’d like to do to your site. You can also rest easy, knowing that this platform is not going anywhere.


There are some similarities between Drupal and WordPress, particularly in that they both offer user-friendly content management systems. By using Drupal, users will be able to make changes to their own websites without learning code. Many experts also like Drupal because of the security it offers. Although you don’t need to know code to maneuver your way around Drupal, it is a more complicated system for the novice to navigate.


Magento is best for large online businesses that are engaged in e-commerce. It’s loaded with features that e-merchants and online consumers find valuable, including digital coupons and other promotional items.


Joomla has been around since 2005, and although it is more difficult to use than WordPress, it is considered to be easier than Drupal. Many users prefer it over WordPress for particularly large sites. Harvard University is an enormous site that is on the Joomla platform.


Weebly started out as a blogging platform but currently offers drag-and-drop functionality the enables inexperienced website builders to put together sites quickly. It offers a multitude of themes and templates that make it easy for users to build websites on their own.

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