What Your Business Should Know About Online Reputation Management

April 16, 2021

The internet has evolved quite a bit in recent years, and digital marketing has changed right along with it. Most businesses with successful marketing strategies use websites, social networks, and online advertising. The digital age has made us a connected society, and the line between a business’s online reputation and its real-life reputation has blurred so much that it is practically nonexistent. It’s crucial that companies not only manage their online reputation, but they should make it work for them in a positive way.

Why Your Online Reputation Matters

The truth is that regardless of what industry your business is in, people will be talking about your business online. They’ll talk about everything—from your latest products to your social media posts. The conversations will exist—and of course, you want these conversations to be as positive as possible. 

In an ideal world, your business would perfectly address every customer’s needs, and everyone—your customers, your employees, and you—would be completely happy. But the world is not perfect. Your product could be flawed. You could make a wrong decision. You could do something to make customers unhappy. Any mistake you make could be posted online—and the power of the internet means it will likely be amplified. 

The vast majority of customers today check reviews online before visiting or buying a product from a business. It only takes one misstep to create outrage, and this has the potential of causing permanent damage to your company’s online reputation. 

What It Means to Manage Your Online Reputation

Online reputation management refers to the strategies that positively influence the perception of your business on the internet. These include social media, online communities, and search results for your business. Having a positive online reputation can do a lot for your business, primarily because customers value transparency and trust so much. You want customers to trust your business, and they can only do that if you are upfront and honest with them. They have to truly believe that you are fully transparent. Being transparent means accepting—and dealing with—criticism and learning from your mistakes.

If you show true accountability when things go wrong, and you respond to your customers’ concerns, this shows that you care more about your customers. People will be much more likely to do business with you.
This also means you’ll have more control over the situation when it goes badly. After all, you are human—and you might make mistakes. Not every mistake you make will be broadcast for all the world to see, but when they are, they can reach a big audience. When this happens, managing your online reputation is critical. When the conversation about your brand turns negative, you have to join the conversation to not only defend yourself but to clarify the situation as well as make amends. When you have been fully transparent up to that point, you have a better chance of controlling public perception.

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