Denver Website Design Company Provides Advice Refreshing Your Website in the New Year

February 4, 2021

Many businesses make the mistake of putting a website up—then forgetting about it. But a website should never be static, so in 2021, one of your marketing plans could be refreshing your website to help ensure it is working well for you.

Determine Your Goals

What are your goals for your business—and your website? Do you want your website to capture leads? Convert visitors into customers? Tell people about your brand? Your website is a marketing tool for your business, and having a specific purpose in mind is valuable. 

Here are goals you might want to consider:
  • Start posting to your blog on a regular basis.
  • Improve search engine optimization (SEO) to drive more traffic from your audience to your website.
  • Decrease your website’s bounce rate.
  • Raise your conversion rate.
  • Increase your number of email subscribers by offering a free gift to those who sign up.
  • Increase your social media profile as well as the number of social mentions.
  • Make your website more accessible to those who are looking for your product or service.

Website Content

Examine your current content. Do you have enough of it? Perhaps 2021 is the year you should start blogging to help keep your SEO fresh. If you decide to start blogging, create a content calendar to determine content—then post new content regularly.

If you have the budget for it, you might want to consider hiring a professional writer to take over your blogging. An experienced content writer will not only ensure you have content consistently, but it will take the pressure off of you to come up with a content plan. You can focus on what you do best: run your business. (Here’s an article on suggestions about where you can find a professional writer: 50 Sites Where You Can Hire Professional Writers.)

Find a professional content writer who is also experienced in SEO. Your content should be engaging, relevant—and should help your website to rank higher. Focus on long-tail keywords that do not get as much search traffic. These keywords are more specific, and they will generally have a higher conversation value. 

Website Appearance

What about the look of your website? Does it look like it belongs in the twenty-first century—or does it look like your neighbor’s kid designed it? It might be time to contact a Denver website design company if your site needs a total refresh.
Your website design should be functional, clean, and uncluttered, and it should match your company branding. Use appropriate colors and fonts. Don’t forget to use images to your advantage. Users should be able to navigate your website easily—especially on mobile devices. Include social media widgets so visitors can connect with you on social media sites.

Contact Omnia Marketing Systems

Set your business up to crush it in 2021. Reach out to the experts at Omnia Marketing. Our Denver website design company has a team of experts ready to help you get started and support you going forward. Contact us today to get started.
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