Integrated Modules

All Omnia sites come with the basic tools to easily create a site - templates, page designer, forms, blogs, and more. If you want to put  your site to work and add more advanced functionality, you've come to the right place!

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The Omnia Design & CMS Console

Responsive design & editing for the non-coding admin to the UI/UX expert. No matter your skill level, deliver beautiful website designs with ease! Finally a design and CMS solution for everyone. Drag & drop then edit the code - if you'd like. Save snippets off - HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap 4 & JavaScript. A true design & development CMS.

Easy Page Management

Instantly add new pages from scratch using "Snips" or duplicate existing pages. Manage all titles, URLs, and META Data from a single page.

Unlimited Styling Options

Create unique layouts and themes at will with Omnia's extensive library of design templates, Drag and Drop "Snips", and intuitive FX Controls.

Drag & Drop Page Editor

Experts and novices alike can easily update pages, add segments or create landing pages in minutes, with absolutely no coding required.

Directly Edit the Source Code

HTML, CSS3, JavaScript and Bootstrap 4. Make changes at the page level and even at the isolated individual "Snip" level.

Add Styles, Effects & Animations

Configurable, pre-made content "snips" allow you to duplicate, reverse, grow, change colors, animate, and more - without accessing the code.

Centrally Managed Metadata

No need to navigate between all your pages to make updates. Make changes to navigation URLs, page titles, Metadata, page groups, and drop-down items.

Built-in Image Cropper

Omnia's image editor allows you to manipulate your graphics on the fly without having to switch back and forth between Photoshop.

Intuitive & Easy Design Controls

Moving between pages, source code, JavaScript, and more is accomplished with ease. Add and adjust anything without leaving the design console.

Easy-to-use SEO Tools

Content creation & distribution, metadata, backlinks & schema = SEO. Explore Omnia Marketing System's built-in tools below and learn how to improve your search engine optimization with ease. 

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Blog, News & Event Tools

Update pages and RSS feeds easily. Choose to deliver to social media automatically and even email the posts to groups within your CRM.

Automatic Meta Data & Schema

With the consolidated Metadata interface, you can manage all schema, metadata, titles, URLs, and more from a single location, site-wide. 

Content Distribution & Backlinks

Push articles to your social pages, schedule for the future and email them directly to your desired audience. Build links with ease, with a single login.

Automatic Site Maps & RSS Feeds

Updating sitemaps, RSS feeds and navigation titles, pages and URLs is now accomplished in seconds. Save time with automation.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Segment & organize your marketing, sales, and recruiting data with our intuitive CRM solutions. Data drives sales, retains customers, & more. Get it together with Omnia Business Systems.

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Powerful & Customizable

Data is key to growing your client's business and maintaining the health of their client base. Oversee everything from sales and pipelines, to groups and statuses.

Groups, Sub Groups & Statuses

Our CRM is completely configurable, easy-to-use and powerful. Segment your constituents exactly how you need, and take charge with crucial information.

Instant Review & Ratings Requests

Reviews, testimonials and rating requests are critical to your online reputation and your ability to garner new business. Request them easily.

Post Jobs & Track Applicants

Every job posting comes with a related form that automatically routes candidates into the CRM. Gather resumes, rate, track and communicate.

Email & Marketing Automation

Email marketing has the best ROI of any marketing tool. Omnia Business Systems include dozens of pre-made templates; from fun to professional. Our drag & drop interface delivers emails beautifully on all devices.

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Drag & Drop Email Templates

Our Drag-and-Drop email designer allows you to pull imagery from your asset library, edit content and images, change the styling and more with ease.

Dozens of Pre-made Templates

Custom templates for sending review requests, event notifications, newsletters and more are available for you to customize & personalize.

Integrated Photo Editor

Omnia’s email designer allows you to crop, edit, resize and add effects to your imagery on the fly. No need for Photoshop to optimize images.

Email Tracking & Analytics

Gain immediate insights for individual campaigns such as: opens, clicks, conversions, bounces, and unsubscribes. Export data and create lists. 

Create Sub-lists Based on Results

Finding yourself with a lot of Opens but a low click-through rate? Create sub-lists from your data to incentivize your audience to engage. 

One-Click Quick Email Responses

Use preloaded email responses, or create and customize your own email response template using the drag-and-drop email designer. 

Custom Forms Tied to Campaigns

Leads and interactions update your database immediately and routes to appropriate individual(s) for a quick and effective response.

Drip Marketing & Automation

Deliver timely and relevant information for every contact based on past interactions and segmentation to ensure a tailored experience.

Website, GMB, SEO & Social Analytics

Real-time analytics for website traffic, SEO rankings, conversions, social media, emails, calls & more. A singular interface for analyzing the results of all your digital marketing efforts.

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SEO, Keywords, Site Rankings

Combine all of your search engine rankings, landing page, and phone call conversions, as well as keyword rankings in a single, simple solution. 

Traffic, Bounce Rates & Engagement

Not sure what actually drives conversions? What pages people are actually spending time on? How about A/B testing for landing pages and emails.

Impressions, Clicks & Conversions

If you need more analytics insights, the Omnia Analytics Console is the answer to understanding your marketing effort's effectiveness.

Separate Data by Medium

Phone calls, landing pages, emails, AdRoll, and other display ads - segment them all and find out what is really driving traffic, prospects. leads, and sales.

Add-On Modules

We offer a number of more advanced solutions for businesses with particular needs. Browse our services below to learn more about how we can help your business!

eCommerce & Shopping

We have numerous configurations based on your specific needs, including number of SKUs and merchant service requirements.

Residential Real Estate- IDX

Want a beautiful website for your brokerage? OMNIA can integrate IDX and other solutions to make your site "sticky" and sell more properties. 

Vacation Rentals- Aggregated Calendars

Have calendars for HomeAway, VRBO, and other such sites? Need to get them on your website with accurate  date info across all? We can help. 

Intranet Solutions

Need a secure area for document storage, tutorials, and other information for specific visitors? Let us know your needs.

Property Management

We have a number of configurations of these solutions. Let us know your business model and we will deliver the solution you need.

Custom Web / App Development

Over 50 combined years of web application development and cloud-based solutions makes us uniquely qualified for your custom project.

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